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  1. Getting Started 

    1. Welcome to Sellf!
    2. How to Sync Calendars on mobile apps
    3. Why does Sellf want to use my current location?
    4. Change the goal
    5. Organize and filter your data with tags
  2. Team Administration 

    1. The Team feature in Sellf
    2. Three roles: administrator, manager and collaborator
    3. How to create a team
    4. How to edit a team
    5. How to delete a team member
  3. Billing & Plans  

    1. How much does Sellf cost?
    2. How to Turn Off the Automatic Subscription Renewal
    3. How to access billing invoices
  4. User Settings  

    1. How to change my email address?
    2. Change Password
    3. Forgotten password?
    4. Setting up Notifications
    5. How to change the mail notification language
  5. Contacts & Customers  

    1. Can I import all my contacts with Excel file?
    2. Your contacts in address book are already in Sellf.
    3. Stay in touch - How to remember to call a customer?
    4. View customer's location
    5. How do I delete contacts?
  6. Deals 

    1. Create a new deal
    2. How to edit or delete a deal
    3. How to create and use sales pipeline
    4. Multiple Sales Pipeline
    5. Win Probability and Weighted Value
  7. Integrations  

    1. Google Calendar Integration - How do I sync my Google Calendar events with Sellf Web?
    2. Default & Synchronized Calendar
    3. Dropbox Integration
    4. Email integration - How can I see my emails in Sellf?
    5. Integrazione con Fatture in Cloud - Fatturazione automatica delle trattative vinte
  8. Access & Security 

    1. Data security
  9. All articles 

    1. How much does Sellf cost?
    2. Can I import all my contacts with Excel file?
    3. Create a new deal
    4. Data security
    5. Welcome to Sellf!

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