Knowledge Base

  1. Getting Started 

    1. Welcome to Sellf!
    2. .
    3. How to Sync Calendars on mobile apps
    4. Why does Sellf want to use my current location?
    5. Change the goal
  2. Team Administration 

    1. The Team feature in Sellf
    2. Three roles: administrator, manager and collaborator
    3. How to create a Multilevel Team
    4. How to delete a team member
    5. How to transfer a member
  3. Billing & Plans  

    1. How much does Sellf cost?
    2. What is the pricing in US dollars?
    3. How do I start my free trial?
    4. What happens when my trial expires?
    5. What payment options are available for Sellf subscriptions?
  4. User Settings  

    1. How to change my email address?
    2. Change Password
    3. Forgotten password?
    4. How do I change my notifications?
    5. How do I change the Email Notifications language
  5. Contacts & Customers  

    1. How do I Import Data with Spreadsheets?
    2. How to Migrate your Contacts from LinkedIn
    3. Your contacts in address book are already in Sellf.
    4. How to create custom fields for People, Companies and Deals
    5. Stay in touch - How to remember to call a customer?
  6. Deals 

    1. Create a new deal
    2. How to edit or delete a deal
    3. How to create and use sales pipeline
    4. Multiple Sales Pipeline
    5. Win Probability and Forecasted Value
  7. Todos & Events 

    1. How do I create a todo?
  8. Reports 

    1. Reports Overview
    2. Sales Pipelines Report: how’s my Sales Team Performing?
    3. Won & Lost Deals Report
    4. Deal Conversion Report
    5. Sales Sources Report: what are my best customer acquisition channels?
  9. Integrations  

    1. Google Calendar Integration - How do I sync my Google Calendar events with Sellf Web?
    2. Default & Synchronized Calendar
    3. Dropbox Integration
    4. Email integration - How can I see my emails in Sellf?
    5. Integrazione con Fatture in Cloud - Fatturazione automatica delle trattative vinte
  10. Access & Security 

    1. Where does Sellf store my data?
  11. All articles 

    1. How much does Sellf cost?
    2. Can I import all my contacts with Excel file? [Old Import]
    3. Export data - file Excel [Old export]
    4. Create a new deal
    5. Where does Sellf store my data?

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