How to access billing invoices

If you purchased from your smartphone or tablet, by Apple App Store or Google Play Store, you should have received your invoice from iTunes or Google. 

If you purchased the Sellf Subscription by a credit card, Invoices are emailed to whichever email address used during the initial entry of billing information, but they are also accessible at any time within Sellf web itself in PDF form.

Follow these steps: 

1) Be sure to be the "admin" in your Sellf team (Only admins have access to invoices).

2) Go to and log in with your email and password.

3) Click on your profile at the upper right of the view (step 1) to open the drop-down menu (see image below).

4) Click on "Profile" (step 2, see image below).  


5) Click on "Billing" on the left menu (step 1, see image below)

6) I
n the bottom area of your billing page (step 2), your last invoice is visible, as well as a history of past invoices.

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