How to configure Team Goals

This article gives you step by step instructions on how to easily configuring individual goals for your team from the Budget Goal Dashboard on Sellf web. 

1. Sign into Sellf web ( and navigate to "Budget goals" under "TEAM" in the side menu. 

2. On the top level navigation, select the specific Sales Pipeline (step 1) you want to configure and your Team Area (step 2):

3. Select the time period. Goals can be set on a monthly/quarterly/yearly basis. 

! Important: 
Each period must be entered individually.
You can easily set monthly goals, by setting up a goal for the whole year, but remember that this goal will be split equally over the twelve months and it will overwrite the values of monthly and quarterly goals (if already entered).

4. Choose the specific user(s) whose goal you want to set. Enter the goal under the individual date ranges and then click on "Update".  

As you can see from the image below, the goal set for the whole year has been evenly split on twelve months. 
You can adjust the single monthly goal by clicking on it. 

6. Repeat this step for each team member you want to configure.

Budget Goals dashboard is available for All Sellf Plans.
Each team member can easily access this dashboard and configure goals, but Admins can avoid that Collaborators can change their own goal. If Goals Lock is Enabled from Settings, only Administrators and Managers will be allowed to set budget goals.

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