Deal Activities Reports

Each deal card on Sellf web provides the "Activities Report" section, that gives you a brief summary of all your latest activities: how many activities for this deal have been completed by your team (number of calls, checkins, todos, notes and events) and other useful insights. These reports are much more than just numbers; they will also help you to strategize your sales process, since you can quickly understand how this deal impacts on your sales.

Time of negotiation: Number of days that the deal is open. 

Average Deviation: How far is the deal value from your average. If, for example, this value is negative (red) this means that the deal has a lower value than your average. 

Contact Average Deviation: How much the value of the deal is far from the average value of the other deals that you have with this customer. 

Toxicity: how much the deal negatively impacts on your sales.  
Sellf’s toxicity doesn’t have any typical range, since its value depends on your specific business. Generally speaking, as the toxicity value increase, as you should be concerned about the deal since it looks “not so promising” in your pipeline and may drain too much time and energy to be won. 
Definitely, when the toxicity raises red values you should try to shake up the deal’s status in your pipeline as soon as possible.
The value is automatically calculated by an algorithm in Sellf, so it's not customizable. 

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