How to add the Deal Sources

Want to know what are the most important customer acquisition channels and create more effective sales workflows?
Our Deal Sources field is here to help: as you begin adding deal sources to your Sellf deals, you’ll start to assemble an invaluable data set for tracking where your qualified leads are coming from. 

1. Sign into Sellf web as an administrator ( and navigate to "Settings" > "Deals" > "Sources"

From this tab, you can activate and add the new deal sources or edit current ones.

You can manage your Deal Sources also from your iPhone, iPad or smartphone Android.
We already generate for you a few default sources for you so that you can jump start your deal source tracking in a snap, e.g.: Newsletter, Referral, Website and Word of mouth.

Sales Sources Report: what are my best customer acquisition channels?

Remember that deal sources will be shared with your team. Only the admin can create custom fields and edit these settings.

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