Deal Conversion Report

The Deal Conversion Report is available for Plan Starter and above. More info on Sellf Plans are available here.

This report is a visual representation of how your deals are progressing through each of your sales stages, defined in your Sales Pipelines.

In this graph, each bar represents a stage in your sales Pipeline and it starts with the sales leads on top (deals you created in the first stage), then down to the qualified leads, the hot leads and the won deals.

It is also known as “Funnel Report”: the metaphor of a funnel is used to describe the decrease in numbers that occurs at each step of the process. This is represented by the narrowing sections as you move from the top section (the widest) to the bottom section (the narrowest.)
The size of the area of each bar is determined by the percentage of deals that move from the previous stage down until the Won Stage. It starts at 100% and generally ends with a lower percentage, which is your conversion rate. 
In the top bar of the report you'll see your total conversion/win rate: the higher the conversion rate, the better.  

This allows you to see how effective your sales team is in turning a lead into a won deal, since it is very clear in which stages the fall out happens and at what rate. For each stage, in fact, you can also see where deals are being lost in your Pipeline and how many deals actually stay there, meaning they didn’t progress, they’re just stuck in that stage.  

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In the screenshot above, you'll see that 5 deals were moved to Lost directly from the Lead Stage and that 19 deals are still "stalled" in there. 

The report can be filtered by date range, team area, tag.  

Remember that each report updates every 30 minutes/ 1hour. Check your Last update date.

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