How do I export data from Sellf?

You can always export your data from Sellf and it's very simple! 
Exporting will give you your Contacts (People or Companies), Deals, Notes, Tasks, Events, Calls and Checkins

Note: Only Administrators can export data. 

To export your data, follow these steps:

1. Sign into Sellf web as an administrator ( and navigate to "Settings" > "Data" > "Export"

2. Here you can click on the tab/icon of what you wish to export as a filtered list. 

3. You can create your own file by selecting only the Sellf fields that you'd like to export and sorting them as you wish. 
Simply select the fields from the left column and move them to the box on the right.
You can select all the fields by clicking on "Select all". Remember, remaining fields on the left will not be exported.

4. Once you've picked what you'd like to export, choose either CSV, Excel or TXT file from the "File type" options. You can also define the Dates format, the Column separator and the File Language (Italian or English)

5. Click "Save" and then "Start export". By default the exported file will be sent to your email account, but you can also add another email address. 

Scheduled Export 

Scheduled export is available for plan Starter and above. More info on Sellf Plans are available here

In the Options column, you can also set a scheduled export: this allows you to schedule an export to run at a set point in time and repeat on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Note: Remember that the scheduled export will send you a file containing only the data that have been added or updated from the previous export. 

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