How do I bulk-update my Sellf data?

The Sellf ID feature

Every record gets a unique ID assigned to it by Sellf once it has been created. People, Companies, Deals all have their own unique IDs. 

The ID feature allows you to bulk-update your currently existing Sellf records (People, Companies, Deals) with a spreadsheet import.

For instance you want to:
  • re-assign some of your Deals (or Contacts) to another collaborator;
  • update some tags;
  • or you want to add or update a custom field to your customers, for example you want to document their age. 

All you need to do is to export and download the list of your currently existing data, which includes the Sellf IDs, make whatever changes you want to in this exported file, and then upload that spreadsheet to Sellf, using the ID field to easily link the new data to your records. 

Updating data using Sellf ID

Let’s see in detail one of the examples mentioned before. 

Example: Changing the Owner of some Deals 

Thanks to the Sellf ID feature, you can update a specific group of deals without having to start over and losing any of your work (activities linked to deals).

You need to export the list of your currently Deals.

Note: Only Administrators can export data.

To export your data, follow these steps:

1. Sign into Sellf web as an administrator ( and navigate to "Settings" > "Data" > "Export".

2. Here click on the tab/icon “Deals”.

3. From here all you really need to export is the Sellf ID number of your records (Deals) and whatever other fields you’d like to edit.
In this case you should only add the Deal Owner (E-mail) field, which is the field you want to update.
Let’s export the Deal Description, so you can also see their name in your spreadsheet and understand what deals you’re updating.
Move these fields from the column on the left to the box on the right. 

4. Click on “Start export”. By default the exported file will be sent to your email account.

5. Download the spreadsheet and from here you can make whatever changes you want to in the spreadsheet itself. In this case you’re only going to change the Owner E-mail

Once you've made all the edits to your exported spreadsheet, just upload the file to Sellf, and make sure to match the appropriate columns with the correct Sellf fields.
The fields should be automatically mapped by Sellf.  

6. Sign into Sellf web ( and navigate to "Settings" > "Data" > "Import".  In this screen, select the data type you want to import: Deals in this case. 

7. Upload the file and click "Continue"

8. As you can see from the image below, Sellf automatically made the links. Continue with the usual import steps. Check the summary and select "Start". 

Done! You've changed the owner of your deals in few steps. 

Importantremember that Sellf will overwrite the existing data with the contents of your file. 
In case of duplicates on few rows in your files, Sellf will select the last row to update the data.
By the way, an empty value in your columns won't erase the existing one, if present and existing tags won't be replaced. To force the overwrite also in these particular cases you have to check the Strong overwriting checkbox when you select the file to import.
Values in a multiple fields, such as tags, choices in a dropdown menu of a custom field, will be overwritten with the value in your file,  as we’ve seen in the example before.
Overwritten data can be restored using the "Revert" function.

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