How to add a todo?

Sellf reminds you about your to-dos: calls to make, meetings to arrange, emails to send.
You'll never forget a potential customer again. 

In Sellf you can add a new todo

1. From Todos Section;

2. From the details page of contacts and deals; 

3. After creating a new deal, from a dialog pop-up. 

Creating a todo from Todos Section 

  1. Go to Todos (on Sellf web or your mobile app). 
  2.  Click/tap on the orange plus button to add a new todo. 
  3. Give a suitable title for the your todo or choose from the quick action icon: call, send e-mail, plan meeting
  4. Using the date picker "Set reminder", choose the date and time when you’d like the todo to be completed. Sellf will remind you when it's time to complete your todo. 
  5. Search for the Person and Company you want to associate this todo with in the "Link a Company/Link a Contact" search box, and choose from the search results that appear. The name of your customer will be automatically added to the title of the todo. You can also link this todo to a deal. You'll see this todo in the details page of your contacts and deals.
  6.  The owner is by default the user creating the todo. However, you can always assign this todo to another user in your team and he will receive a push notification and an e-mail. 
  7.  If you want, describe the purpose of the todo in the description. This is to help other users/collaborators understand the task better, especially if you're assigning this todo to someone else in your team.
  8. Click "Save" when you're done.


Creating a Todo from the details page of Contacts, Companies and Deals 

  1. Visit the details page of a Person, Company or Deal that you’d like to add a todo to.
  2. Click on the Todos Tab (on Sellf web) or tap on the plus button from the mobile app and choose Todo.
  3. Repeat steps 2-8. 

Creating a Todo after creating a new Deal

1. A new dialog window will open inviting you to add a new todo or a new note.
2. Choose "Add a todo".  
2. Repeat steps 2-8.

View your todos 

You can find all your todos in:
1. The details page of the related Person, Company or Deal. 
2. Under Todos.  

Sellf will send a push notification and an e-mail to you and your collaborators when the todos needs to be done. 

To mark a todo as "done" click/tap on the circle "Do it!"

Tip: Clicking on "Do it!" you can start a phone call or send an email directly from the todo, if you have selected one of the action icons during the creation of the todo. See the image below. 

Adding Recurring todos 

Let Sellf remind you of anything that you need to do every few days, weeks, or months. You set their schedule once, and then leave the rest to Sellf. 

1. After you set the due date, yo'll see an option appear to make it recurring. 
2. Click on "Repeat" to open the dropdown menu from which you can select one of the suggested recurrences. 
3. You'll be also able to set an "End Repeat Date"
4. To stop the repetition click again on "Repeat" and choose "Never". 

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