How to add an event?

Setting Events up in Sellf is very simple. When you first navigate in Sellf, you'll see a Calendar Section, ready to be populated with your schedule.

In Sellf you can add a new event:

1. From the Calendar Section;

2. From the details page of contacts and deals;

3. After completing a "Plan Meeting" todo, from a dialog pop-up.

Creating an Event from Calendar Section

1. Go to Calendar (on Sellf web or your mobile app). 

2. Tap on the blue plus button to add a new event in your mobile app or double-click on the day in which you want to create the event on Sellf web. 

3. Give a suitable title for your event or choose from the quick action icon: meeting, call, launch, dinner, presentation. 

4. To set the event for the entire day, enable the All Day toggle. By default it's disabled. 

5. Using the date picker, choose the date and time when you’d like the event to begin and end. Your current date and time is displayed by default. The time can be chosen in hours and minutes. 
6. Search for the Person and Company you want to associate this event with in the "Link a Company/Link a Contact" search box, and choose from the search results that appear. 
The name of your customer will be automatically added to the title of the event. You can also link this event to a deal. You'll see this event in the details page of your contacts and deals.

7.You can also invite other users/colleagues in your team to an event by including their names from the field Invite. (This option is available only when you're creating and sharing events on Shared Team Calendar). 

8. Add a reminder and Sellf will remind you via email and with a push notification. 

9. Choose the Calendar in which you'd like to store this event. 

Sellf will show you the default calendar selected in Settings. If you haven't synced external calendars, you will only see Shared Team Calendar, otherwise you can always pick another calendar from the dropdown menu.

Important: Remember that if you leave the selection as Shared Team Calendar, the event will be shared with your team. This event won't be synced with external calendars and cannot be copied or synced in the future once it has been created in this calendar. 


10. Enter the address/city where the event is going to place in the field "Search an address..." The map will be automatically populated with the client's location, if he/she has one. 

If you add a location, you can get directions via Google Maps within the Sellf mobile app. 
11. If you want, describe the purpose of the event in the description. This is to help other users/collaborators understand the event better, especially if you're assigning this event to someone else in your team.

12. The owner/attendee is by default the user creating the event. However, you can always change the owner to another user in your team, by clicking on your avatar and choosing a different user from the user drop down. He will receive a push notification and an e-mail. 

13. Click/Tap "Save" when you're done.

If you would like to send meeting invitations to the linked contacts (people and/or companies with email address) you can do so after creating your event or also clicking/tapping on "Send email to your customers".
By default, it does not send invitations, but if you click it on, it will send a meeting invite to the attendees.

Creating an Event from the details page of Contacts, Companies and Deals 

1.Visit the details page of a Person, Company or Deal that you’d like to add a event to.
2. Click on the Events Tab (on Sellf web) or tap on the plus button from the mobile app and choose Event.
3. Repeat steps 2-13.

Creating an Event after completing a todo (Plan a meeting)

1. A new dialog window will open inviting you to add a new event or mark the todo as done.
2. Choose "Plan meeting".
3. Repeat steps 2-13.

Sellf will send a push notification and an e-mail to you and your collaborators when the event is about to start and according to reminders set.

View your events

You can find all your events in:
1. The details page of the related Person, Company or Deal.
2. Under Calendar.

From the Calendar section, you can switch between different views.
On Sellf Web you can choose between Day, Week, Month.
On your mobile apps you can choose between List, 3 days, 5 days.
In the List view, you'll have more detail about events planned for the day your'e looking at.

Is it possible to create recurring events?

At the moment, this feature is not available. 

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