Sellf Calendar: Overview

All your schedule in one Calendar

When you’d like to meet with a customer to push a deal forward, you don't need to switch between your CRM and your calendar app to block a date.

You can add your events and meetings directly in Sellf Calendar. This lets you create and edit a meeting, a call, a demo, or any other type of event and Sellf will notify you and your attendees when it's time.

From your Sellf mobile app you can also get on-the-go directions to your next event and quickly email meeting attendees. You'll never forget a potential customer again.

Shared Team Calendar

In Sellf, at the core of our Calendar feature is the Shared Team Calendar.
This calendar is the default calendar selected when you start using Sellf and the primary calendar where all your events are stored if you don't sync an external calendar.

The Shared Team Calendar, as its name suggests, is very useful when it comes to collaborate with your team: you and your co-workers can share your schedule so that you can gain insight into their schedules and find a free moment to plan a meeting.
You can easily:
  • keep an eye on what's going on by seeing the owner of the event;
  • can invite your colleagues as attendees;
  • assign the event to someone else, he/she will be notified. 

Synchronize your Calendars with Sellf 

Of course, your can keep track of your private meetings by integrating external calendars: 
This ensures to being always up to date in each application and avoid scheduling the same meeting twice. 
Obviously only you will be able to see your personal events of external calendars.

Below you can find the help guides to understand to:

How to add an event?

How to share events and collaborate with my team?

How do I sync my Google Calendar events with Sellf Web?


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