How to share events and collaborate with my team?

In Sellf, at the core of our Calendar feature is the Shared Team Calendar.
This calendar is the default calendar selected when you start using Sellf and the primary calendar where all your events are stored if you don't sync an external calendar.

The Shared Team Calendar, as its name suggests, is very useful when it comes to collaborate with your team: you and your co-workers can share your schedule so that you can gain insight into their schedules and find a free moment to plan a meeting.
You can easily:
  • keep an eye on what's going on by seeing the owner of the event;
  • can invite your colleagues as attendees;
  • assign the event to someone else, he/she will be notified. 

To share Events with your team, you simply need to create new events in Shared Team Calendars. 

If you want to invite some collaborators to participate to some events, you can do so by including their names from the field "Invite" while creating a new event
You can also invite colleagues and users who are in areas placed at a higher level than yours in the multilevel team.

When you save the event, all the attendees will receive a notification from Sellf, letting them immediately see the details of the event. 

You can also change the owner of the event to another user in your team, by clicking on your avatar and choosing a different user from the user drop down. He/she will receive a push notification and an e-mail. 

How to share a private event from external calendar with my team? 

Obviously only you will be able to see your personal events, added from external calendars.
But, if you'd like to share some of these events with your team, you can always change the calendar in which these events are stored, by choosing Shared Team Calendar from the dropdown menu, while editing the event. 
When you save the event, this will be copied into Shared Team Calendar and it will be immetiately visible to your team.
In Sellf Calendar you will see two identical events:
- one event is synced with your external calendar and has the color selected for that calendar in your device; 
- one event is now shared with your team and when you enter its details has the blue color of Shared Team Calendar, where it has been stored. 

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