Export data - file Excel [Old export]

With Sellf you can import and also dump your data!
To export your data follow these steps:
- Go on www.sellf.io and log-in with your email and password;
- Click on the arrow next to your name (in the upper right of the screen), here select "Export";
- Tap on Export and choose the data to dump in .csv file.

you can chose:
- scheduled export 
it's an automatic export that works when you want. You can set a "daily", "weekly" or "montlhy" export and choose the email address (different from your email account) where you want your exported data to be sent to.

- manual export
it's only for one time and the export data will arrive to you email account. 

Now, you can transform .csv file in a .xls file. 
Open the .csv file with Excel and select the first column.
Choose from the menù "Data" > "Convert Text To Columns". 

There are three steps to complete the process:
1 - Choose the file type: Delimited,
2 - Delimiters: Comma,
3 - Column data format: General
4 - Destination: $A$1
5 - Finish.

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