Dropbox Integration

With Sellf you can connect your Dropbox, to always keep with you all your important files!

On the mobile app: to add a file Dropbox to a deal follow these simple steps:
- Click on the deal that interests you, and open the details,
- Click on the + symbol located at the bottom of the screen;
- Here you can choose what add in your deals (Events, Contact, Notes, etc.), in this case,
 choose Notes (it's the yellow icon);
- Now you'll have
again the deal to choose what kind of insert notes, Evernote or Dropbox, in this case choose Dropbox,
- If this is the first time you login you'll need to login with your name and password Dropbox,
After the login you can browse through your Dropbox folder and select the file you want to add!

Web app www.sellf.io:
- Find an deal that interests you and open its details;
- You'll see the typical symbol of Dropbox and click on the "Add Dropbox file";
- If this is the first time you login you'll have to enter your account Dropbox;
- From here you will be able to choose the file that interested and add in the deal.

If you have any problems write us at support@sellfapp.com

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