Default & Synchronized Calendar

With Sellf can set default calendar and synchronized all calendars that you need!
Once you set the default calendar, all new events will be saved automatically in that calendar, but remember: you can always choose to save them in another calendar.
In the mobile app you can choose the calendars in this way:
- open the settings of your profile (click on your profile photo)
- enter in the "Calendar" menù and set the default calendar and synchronize all the calendars you want.

Whenever you create a new event you can choose in which calendar save it!
In the mobile app:
- go to the "calendar" menù (found on the left menu)
- click the + button and create a new event
- here click on the calendar icon and choose the calendar.

In the web app ( for now, you can only see events created in other calendars different from Sellf's calendar, (for example those who have created the app mobile).

Remember that if you do not choose a default calendar, Sellf automatically save new events on the "Sellf's calendar".
You can decide to change your default calendar in any time!
Remember: from the moment you'll set a new calendar as default all new events will be saved on that, but you need to manually change previously events (go in the details of the event you're interested and change the calendar).

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