Welcome to Sellf!

Welcome to Sellf!

Sellf is the Runkeeper™ for Sales: a smart personal assistant that motivates sales teams to reach their sales goals faster. Sellf helps to plan and automatically track every customer activity to let them reach their sales goal.

Sales Teams are difficult to motivate and unproductive stuck between complex Customer Relationship Management software (CRMs) and DIY solutions to keep track of customer activities and deals. Sellf is an app that helps each single sales person to set a sales goal and reach it faster, allowing to keep track of every single business opportunity and customer activity with the familiarity of a consumer app. It is much similar to a consumer productivity app and adds on top of it smart notifications to helps the entire sales team to track and reach its sales goal.

Let's get started in 3 easy steps and we’re sure you’re going to be instantly more productive and efficient with your business. 

- Deals:
Every time you start a new negotiation or you meet a new potential customer, just open up Sellf and tap on the “+” button on the bottom of the screen and enter in a few seconds all the essential data. Sellf can make it easier to manage your business deals. Try to create now your first deals!
Insert a short deal description, an estimated amount, the closing date and your customer’s name. Then click on save. In just a few seconds your deal has been safely stored and it will contribute towards achieving your monthly goal.

- Goals:
Now tap on the word “goal”in the large circle to set your goal. It represents the amount of money that you’re expecting to gain from your deals in each given month.
Move the circle to the left and enter your goals for the next months.
Then if you click on quarter and year just over the circle, you can also get an overview of longer intervals.

- Contacts:
Surely you have many contacts stored in the address book of your phone and you're wondering how to import all of them in Sellf. The good news is that you do not have to waste time! Sellf is seamlessly integrated with your smartphone. Whenever you are looking for a contact Sellf will look for you in the address book of your smartphone and automatically import it, if you have not already done previously. If the contact has the detail "company" compiled, Sellf will create a company contact automatically.

- Notes:
Sellf allows you to take notes on your contacts so you don't forget anything! Whenever you create a note you can link it into a deal.
Greater comfort is to have with you all your notes, Sellf gives you the possibility to synchronize your Evernote and Dropbox account!

- Todos
Todos are made to remind you what you have to do with your clients, you can choose to create a reminder to call, to send emails, to organize a meeting or whatever you want!
The reminder can be connected to a deal already created in Sellf, and also to one of your contacts.
You can be sure you'll never forget to do something, Sellf always remember you to do what you have preset in the memo with an email and a notification on your smartphone!

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