Your contacts in address book are already in Sellf.

Surely you have many contacts stored in the address book of your phone or tablet and you're wondering how to import all of them in Sellf. The good news is that you do not have to waste time! Sellf is seamlessly integrated with your Phone or tablet.
Whenever you are looking for a contact Sellf will look for you in the address book and automatically import it, if you have not already done previously. If the contact has the detail "company" compiled, Sellf will create a company contact automatically.

If you do not see your contacts in Sellf, go in Sellf settings (click on your picture on the left) and activate the "Access to contacts"
Sellf reads your phonebook but don't change them. This means that if you change the information of your contacts in Sellf, these changes will not take back in the address book and vice versa.

You can activate the "Save contacts in the address book" feature if you want to create your new contacts in Sellf and make sure to be saved automatically in the address book. This step will be made only when you create for the time the contact, further changes  will not be saved.

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