The Team feature in Sellf

Let's collaborate with your team!
You can create a team with as many collaborators as you want and everyone will have a different profile.

You can create a Multilevel team with different areas and access rights for each different team member. 

To configure your team we suggest you use the web version of Sellf, accessible at this URL with any web browser:

In the Multilevel team: 

1. Only the Administrator of your Sellf account can create and edit a team (usually this is the person who first creates the account in Sellf)

2. All the team members associated to the same area (represented as a circle) can see and share everything with other people in the same area (deals, notes, todos, events and contacts).

3. Every team member who belongs to an area which is above other areas can access and edit the data of people who are in areas below that one.

4. Every team member who is in an area under that one will not be able to access the data of the ones who are in areas above their own.

5. Every team member in an area will not be able to access the data of other team members who belong to other areas at the same height of their own in the hierarchy tree.

The image below shows an example of a multilevel team with several areas:

How does the Multilevel team work?

Taking a look at the example above: the area at highest position is called "Hoffman Headquarter".
People belonging to the "Hoffman Headquarter" area can see and share everything with the people in the same area and with the collaborators who are in areas below them.
People in the area "Europe" see both the data of the team members in the "Italy" area and in the "Germany" area.
People who are in the area "Italy" cannot access any data belonging to people in the group "Germany" and vice-versa.
People in the "Europe" area cannot see the data entered by people who are in "Hoffman Headquarter", unless they explicitly assign a deal, contact, todo or an event to a person belonging to the "Europe" area.

If you want all team members to access and share everything (i.e. if you want a horizontal team collaboration), people must be in the same circle.

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