How to create a Multilevel Team

If you have a FREE account or PRO account and you want to create a team, follow these steps below.
If you have a FREE account you can start a free trial of Sellf Performance for 14 days. You can find more info about Sellf Performance clicking here. No credit card required.

At the expiration of your trial you will need to purchase a Sellf subscription in order to continue using Sellf with the same account.
If you have a PRO account you can choose to try Sellf Performance account for 14 days as well.

1. Sign into Sellf web ( with your email and password and navigate to "Team Structure" under "TEAM" in the side menu. 


3. Sellf will ask you to confirm your email address. Please, do it by clicking on the green button inside the email sent by Sellf. 

Setting up your team

Now you should see a circle with your photo inside. This is the top level of your Multilevel Team. 
4. Click on the first circle, area 1

You can change the name of the area, clicking on it. Let's call the area "Europe" for example. 
5. Then write the email addresses of the people you want to invite in your team and click on "Invite".
You can invite other people who are still not registered in Sellf or someone who has already a FREE account in Sellf.

People invited will receive an invitation email. To access your team, they must accept this invitation and signup by clicking on the green button "Activate your profile in 10 seconds" inside the email. 

Once done, you'll see these people in your team and you will be able to collaborate. Until they accept your invitation, you'll see "PENDING" people in each area. You can invite them by clicking on "RESEND INVITE". 

You can invite as many users as you want (up to 50 users in team) in this area or you can exit and create new levels by adding new circles/areas

6. To add new areas, click on the grey plus button under the first circle. 
This action opens a new modal window, where you can add the name of the new area. 

7. Repeat the steps above until your satisfied with your team structure. 

Only Administrators and Managers are allowed to set up team and create areas.

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