How to transfer a member

If you want to transfer a member from one circle to another, you must have the administrator role or manager role of area.

The steps are:
- Go to and enter your email and password
- Select "team" from the left menu
- Click on the circle where the member are now 
- Select the member's profile 
- Click on "transfer member"

In the example, I selected "Benedetto Andretta" and click on "transfer member".
On the pop-up you can choose the circle where you want to transfer the member.
In our example (see image below) "Benedetto Andretta" changes circle going from Italy to United States. You have also the opportunity to decide to transfer some or all member data to another user.
In our example (see image below) I choose to transfer "Benedetto Andretta" todos and events to "Luisa Soligo" member.

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