Slack integration - How do I connect Sellf to Slack?

Slack integration is available only with a subscription. More info on Sellf Plans are available here
This integration will post notifications into a Slack channel when you or your colleagues won deals in a selected area of your team. This notifications will be pushed automatically from your Sellf account to Slack and will allow everyone on your team to be aware of new won deals.

How do I connect Sellf to Slack?

To connect Sellf to Slack, do the following:

1. Sign into Sellf web ( and go to Settings, then click on Integrations

2. Look for "Slack" inside the list of the Integrations and click on "Add to Slack" on the right side. 

3. Login to Slack if necessary and then pick the Team to which you’d like to post in Slack. 

4.Click "Authorize" to complete the authorization process.

Upon authorization, you will be returned to Sellf Settings with options to configure your Channel Preferences.

5. Once you’ve got Slack authorized, you have to edit your channel Settings and associate a team area to a specific Slack channel where to send won deal notifications. 
Click on "Edit channel settings". 

6. Now click on "add a new association". 

In the left dropdown, select the team area from which all won deal notifications will be pushed. 
The first admin area is selected by default. 

8. On the right, write the name of the channel where you want to push all notifications, then click on Save.
To set new associations, simply click on "add a new association" again. You can add as many associations as you want. But remember that you can't associate the same area to more than one channel
Click on "remove association" to delete them and all the notifications sent from Sellf to Slack will be turned off. 

9. The last step is to install the Bot Sellf (@sellf) on your team in Slack.
Login to Slack and go to the channel you've just chosen in Sellf settings. Type @sellf to invite and install Sellf BOT to let the integration work and activate the won deal notifications.
Then click on "invite them to join". 


Now that you’ve integrated a team area into one of your channels, all you have to do is win your deals!!! 

Your posted messages will look like this:

Can I deauthorize the Slack integration?

Sure. Go to Sellf Settings and click on "Disable".  

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