Email integration - How can I see my emails in Sellf?

Let your emails appear in Sellf - Link sent emails to your customers 

Use the address "" to automatically copy your emails to Sellf and attachments.
Add it to the BCC line
, when emailing customers to have these emails appear in Sellf.  
These emails will be shown as notes, in your notes tab under your customer card (on all your devices) and attachments will be stored in your File Section, in the folder "Email Attachments". 
Email attachments are available from Plan Starter and above

You can send emails from the same address you use for logging into Sellf  or you can add additional email addresses you'd like to track in Settings, Integrations. Once authorized, you'll be able to track any email you wish to see in Sellf, using the BCC feature.

The alternative email address has to be unique, so make sure the address is not already being used by another Sellf account.

On our iOS apps (iPad and iPhone) you can activate the automatic BCC: this feature will automatically add the address "" to the BCC line.
Go to Settings, tap on "Email integration" and activate the automatic bcc

If one or more recipients of your email message are not in your address book in Sellf,  (the email address does not exist in any email fields), Sellf will automatically create a new contact ( person ) in your address book with the following rule: Name and Last name are extrapolated from the email address, eg becomes the contact Filippo Breni with the primary email address

In the case in which there is at least one contact with that email address Sellf will not create other contacts.
If, instead, no email is found, Sellf will create as many contacts as email addresses are in the "to:" field. 

In the Notes section (Web) there is a filter "Showing Emails" that shows you only the notes saved as emails. 

Each note, when displayed in a list (or in the contact's card), has a small icon of the email to make it different from the other notes. 

Let your emails appear in Sellf - Forward your incoming emails  

Forward important emails directly into Sellf to easily find them. Send them to "" writing this address in the "To:" field

Let your emails appear in Sellf - Forward your incoming emails and link them to your clients

Forward your incoming emails, send them to "" writing this address in the "To:" field

To link them to your customer in Sellf, write your customer's email address in the email Subject line. You can't forward emails to more than one addresses at once. 

Important note: when forwarding emails, the note will created and linked to the contact only if this contact already exists in Sellf. If not, the note and the contact will not be created (for security reasons). 

Auto-connect email to deals

Sellf will look for an open deal with the person the email was sent to/forwarded to If only one open deal is found with the person, Sellf will link the email to that deal automatically as a note. 

You can also link an email to a contact and a specific deal following the steps below: 

Forward the email to "" and write the subject following this rule: 


The deal code is a code you can set when you edit your deal.  


" ABCDE Hello Sellf"

the subject “ Ciao Sellf” will link the l’email to the customer with the email address and to the deal with the code ABCDE.

Important: remember to put the two points before the deal code.  

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