Deal Margins - How to track the cost and see the net value of deals

With Deal Margins you can customize your deals value calculation associating a margin to each deal.
You can create different deal types (e.g. product categories) and associate a different margin to each type.

The margin can not be set in the individual deal as it relates to the deal type.

1. Sign into Sellf web as an administrator ( and navigate to "Settings" > "Deals" > "Margins"
2. Here "Enable Margins". 

The margin will be used to calculate the final value of the deal, based on its selected type.
For example, let's create a new deal type (to which you can assign the name as you want, for example "Costs" ) that is worth 80. If your deal has a value of 1000 $ and it is associated with the type you just created (with a value 80), the "marginalized" value of the deal will be 800 dollars.

You can view the "marginalized" value of all your deals by clicking on the filter section and by clicking on "VALUE" , then decide if showing estimated or marginalized value.  

You can interpret this margin as you like, depending on your business (e.g., it refers to discounts or sustained costs which is your case, etc).

Remember that margins will be shared with your team. Only the admin can create new deal types and edit these settings.

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