Win Probability and Forecasted Value

Win Probability brings even more depth to your Sales Pipeline, ensuring you have a better view on the forecasted value of all your active deals.
By setting the win probability for your sales stages, you can predict your sales results and grow your business more predictably. 

How do I activate Win Probability?

To enable Win Probability to your Sales Stages, do the following:

1. Sign into Sellf web ( and go to Settings, then click on Deals > Pipeline

2. From this tab Activate win probability, make sure that the switch button is green. Then you'll notice win probability percentages, which you are able to specify for each stage. 

Each stage of your Pipeline may have different win probability percentages.
A deal in the first stage of your Pipeline will have a lower probability of winning when compared to a deal that you have moved through your Pipeline to the final stages.
Then, as a deal moves through the sales funnel, the win probability increases. 

You can also set a specific win probability for each deal manually, but when you move the deal to another stage, the win probability percentage will be automatically changed based on stage settings, so you won't need to update it yourself. 

Forecasted Pipeline

Once you’ve activated Win Probability, on your deals section, you can view the total amount of your weighted Pipeline of all your active deals.

To do that, click on Filters > Value and select “Forecasted”
The Forecasted value is the total value of deals that are expected to close in the selected time period,
multiplied by the probability of those deals closing.

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