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  2. Assign a deal and change owner

  3. Can I cancel my account and get a refund?

  4. Can I have a weekly report?

  5. Can I import all my contacts with Excel file? [Old Import]

  6. Change Password

  7. Change the goal

  8. Contact Activities Reports

  9. Create a new deal

  10. Deal Activities Reports

  11. Deal Conversion Report

  12. Deal Loss Reasons Report: why your team is losing deals?

  13. Deal Margins - How to track the cost and see the net value of deals

  14. Default & Synchronized Calendar

  15. Delete account

  16. Does everyone in my team need to have a payed license?

  17. Dropbox Integration

  18. Email integration - How can I see my emails in Sellf?

  19. Evernote Integration

  20. Export data - file Excel [Old export]

  21. Forgotten password?

  22. Google Calendar Integration - How do I sync my Google Calendar events with Sellf Web?

  23. How am I billed for licenses?

  24. How do I bulk-update my Sellf data?

  25. How do I change my account's default Currency?

  26. How do I change my notifications?

  27. How do I change the Email Notifications language

  28. How do I create a todo?

  29. How do I delete contacts?

  30. How do I export data from Sellf?

  31. How do I Import Data in Sellf?

  32. How do I Import Data with Spreadsheets?

  33. How do I install Sellf on my Desktop?

  34. How do I link Products to deals in Sellf?

  35. How do I start my free trial?

  36. How do I subscribe and upgrade to Sellf?

  37. How do I use the Storage for my documents?

  38. How much does Sellf cost?

  39. How to access billing invoices

  40. How to add the Deal Loss Reasons

  41. How to add the Deal Sources

  42. How to change my email address?

  43. How to configure Team Goals

  44. How to create a Multilevel Team

  45. How to create and use sales pipeline

  46. How to create custom fields for People, Companies and Deals

  47. How to delete a team member

  48. How to edit or delete a deal

  49. How to get started with Zapier’s Sellf Integration?

  50. How to Migrate your Contacts from LinkedIn

  51. How to Sync Calendars on mobile apps

  52. How to transfer a member

  53. How to Turn Off the Automatic Subscription Renewal

  54. Impostare lingua Italiana

  55. Integrazione con Fatture in Cloud - Fatturazione automatica delle trattative vinte

  56. Multiple Sales Pipeline

  57. Organize and filter your data with tags

  58. Reports Overview

  59. Sales Activities Report: keep your sales team engaged and motivated

  60. Sales Pipelines Report: how’s my Sales Team Performing?

  61. Sales Sources Report: what are my best customer acquisition channels?

  62. Skype integration

  63. Slack integration - How do I connect Sellf to Slack?

  64. Stay in touch - How to remember to call a customer?

  65. The Team feature in Sellf

  66. Three roles: administrator, manager and collaborator

  67. View customer's location

  68. Welcome to Sellf!

  69. What happens when my trial expires?

  70. What is the pricing in US dollars?

  71. What payment options are available for Sellf subscriptions?

  72. Where does Sellf store my data?

  73. Where does Sellf store my data?

  74. Why does Sellf want to use my current location?

  75. Win Probability and Forecasted Value

  76. Won & Lost Deals Report

  77. Your contacts in address book are already in Sellf.

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